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(a nonprofit charitable association supporting the foundation, registered under German law) – ENDO-Verein was established in 1973 by the founders of the ENDO-Klinik headed by Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Hans Wilhelm Buchholz.

Since its inception in 1973 the association's mission has been to support the care and treatment of patients with musculoskeletal diseases and sponsor research and foster projects which show potential in promoting these aims. The association has found most of its members among former patients. The experience of living through the hardships of their individual cases has taught them to appreciate the value of the association's activities. ENDO-Verein membership kept increasing in step with the development of the ENDO-Klinik. It didn't take long till the association was able to expand their funding activities to include research projects alongside innovations essential to the former beneficiary ENDO-Klinik.

Recruiting volunteers and supporting the "Grüne Damen und Herren" program is another core activity of the ENDO-Verein. These green-clad Direct Patient Volunteers aid in the care of patients at the ENDO-Klinik in Hamburg, Germany. The “selfless helpers in green"? make the patients' stay at the hospital easier and more bearable. They lend a sympathetic ear to the patients' issues, big or small. Such socializing with patients provides significant assistance to the healthcare professionals.

In addition, the association funds the ENDO-fellowship program. It provides grants allowing foreign doctors to gain specialized skills and knowledge in the treatment of joint diseases at the ENDO-Klinik in Hamburg, Germany, as part of their training.

The association as the supporting body and organization of the ENDO-Klinik in its early form was also responsible for the clinic’s operation until they sold it to the Damp Holding. The association members used the proceeds from the sale to establish the ENDO-Stiftung in 2002. Since then, both non-profit bodies ENDO-Verein and ENDO-Stiftung have backed each other in their efforts to advocate understanding of the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases and deformities and promote it through scientific research projects. In setting up ENDO-Stiftung - Stiftung des Gemeinnützigen Vereins ENDO-Klinik e. V. we have managed to establish an institution that organizes requests for proposals (RFP), supervision and funding of our projects both locally and internationally.