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prothesenmuseum-titelLadies and gentlemen,

the history of arthroplasty is inseparably linked with the name of the German surgeon Themistocles Gluck. He developed already in 1890 the first endoprosthesis made of ivory and implanted them also. He is the first surgeon who has ever used a joint endoprosthesis. Due to the lack of asepsis these attempts failed because, although the resulting infections, but the principle of arthroplasty from here takes its output. It was not until fifty years later the idea of ​​arthroplasty is taken up very slowly. These implants from the fifties of the 20th Century are basically the ivory prostheses by Gluck did not dissimilar, but made from other materials. 

Only after the groundbreaking idea of ​​Sir John Charnley, polymethyl methacrylate, known as bone cement to use for anchoring endoprostheses, began the extensive development of various joint prostheses and the triumph of the arthroplasty.

Prof. Dr. Hans Wilhelm Buchholz, founder of the ENDO-Klinik, also began to work endoprothetisch already in his time in St. Georg General Hospital in the early 60s after a stay with Charnley. Together with Dr. Eckart Engelbrecht he has developed prostheses for all major joints of the human body and used with his staff in very high quantities. It is no exaggeration Buchholz emphasized as the doyen of German arthroplasty.

Since the founding of the ENDO-Klinik in 1976 tens of thousands of operations have been carried out, including many exchange operations. All explanted prostheses in these interventions have been archived. Again and again, we have discussed how you could analyze the explants beneficial. We now believe a very good answer to this question have been found.

The collected since 1976 to the present day prostheses represent virtually the entire history of arthroplasty. In no other hospital in the world is such a treasure, waiting to be lifted. We therefore intend using the prosthesis to document the history of arthroplasty, analyze, and finally make them available in the form of a permanent exhibition to the public. The prosthetic museum should clearly illustrate both patients and doctors the various technical stages of development. It will find its place in the new ENDO-Klinik. In addition, loans are possible to the newly created Medical Historical Museum at Eppendorf UK. In addition, a documentary is planned in book form.

This required extensive work is required. First, the prosthesis must be sighted and a choice to be made. The prosthesis must be identified, sorted, processed and analyzed. Thus, both advances in the design and in the materials science can be demonstrated. It will also be clear that many old idea after decades of being sold again as new.

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