Research funding by ENDO-Verein

ENDO-Verein elected an entirely new Executive Board at their 2003 general meeting, following recommendations by the retiring members of the Executive Board. The following individuals were elected as new members of the association board: Prof Dr. J.F. Löhr (Chairman), Dr. Christian Friesecke, PD Dr. Alexander Katzer and Dr. Roland Sellckau.

ENDO-Klinik became a commercial business organization when it was sold to the „Damp-Group“ and ceased to be eligible for funding support by the “Gemeinnütziger Verein ENDO-Klinik e.V". In 2002 “ENDO-Stiftung – Stiftung des Gemeinnützigen Vereins ENDO-Klinik e.V." was created.

The mission of this foundation is promoting scientific research and studies of human musculoskeletal diseases and deformities. As a further goal the foundation sets up and operates non-profit facilities providing treatment and care in that area.

At the 2004 general meeting of ENDO-Verein the members incorporated the ENDO-Stiftung into their by-laws as an organization to be eligible for funding support. To serve this purpose, the association transferred its assets to the foundation early in 2006. The foundation, in turn, assumed all grant and support commitments incurred by the association to that date.

At the 2006 general meeting Dr. Lars Frommelt, Dr. Nicolaus Siemssen and Dipl.-Kfm. Jürgen Stenwedel were elected to become members of the executive board. They replace Dr. Roland Sellckau who had already left in 2004 and PD Dr. Alexander Katzer who left in 2006. By electing three new members the executive board grew to a total of five members. After expiry of their 4 years term in office Prof. Dr. J. F. Löhr and Dr. Christian Friesecke were confirmed in their office for a further election period in 2007.

The close cooperation between the two organizations in research funding was codified when the association's members decided at their November 2007 meeting to change their name to ENDO-Verein – Gemeinnütziger Förderverein ENDO-Stiftung e.V. (an association - non-profit association to promote the ENDO-foundation registered under German law).

At the 2008 annual meeting the long-time members of the board Prof. J. F. Löhr (chairman) and Dipl.-Kfm. Jürgen Stenwedel have announced their retirement from the board. Dr. med. Christian Friesecke has been appointed to succeed as chairman.

Following a proposal of the board the assembly of members has elected Dr. jur. Jasper Neuling, lawyer and tax counselor, as new member of the board which now consists of 4 individuals.

Through the ENDO-Stiftung, the ENDO –Verein will continue to contribute significant funds to scientific research projects. In their annual fund-raising campaigns both members and donors continue to raise funds to facilitate extensive and vital fundamental research, with each project covering a specific area of arthroplasty prosthetics. Public funding resources will often not suffice for such projects in today's scientific world.



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